RN to BSN – Career Benefits and Education Options

The complexities of a changing medical field in technology, advanced information, and facing a growing leadership role among nurses has increased the need for a degree of a Bachelor of Science in Nursing among registered nurses (RN). This higher level of education takes commitment and dedication and in the following article, we will outline how to achieve these goals.Advancing your nursing degree – The difference between RN and BSNBeginning a career in nursing for those who desire an abbreviated education will get an associate’s degree (AD) which usually involves 2-3 years of schooling. A nurse may also follow a diploma program, usually through a hospital, that is also 2-3 years in length before becoming an RN. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics Sample Survey, 70% of nurses have AD or diploma level degrees. An RN must also pass all required examinations such as the NCLEX-RN (National Council Licensing Examination for Registered Nurses) before practicing with patient contact.For many nurses looking to advance their careers, a BSN is the natural next step. It is a 4 year program that includes research oriented learning, leadership training, and liberal arts. Many of the students that are enrolled in the BSN program are previous RN’s with associate degrees or diplomas. They are now going back to school with all the hardships involved; financially, time inflexibility, family and other outstanding commitments.The differences between an RN and BSN are not necessarily clear to the patient who is being treated with basic care. A nurse treating a patient won’t be asked, “excuse me, are you a RN or a BSN?” Yet the differences lie within. The education gained, the additional technical training, and the potential advancement are not immediately recognized by the patient. A nurse with a BSN can review research papers, advocate for the patient, work with leaders in the hospital or medical facility with confidence and advanced management skills. A nurse with an RN may have all these abilities, yet a BSN enhances them and increases advancement opportunities.Career Opportunities with a BSNRN’s return to school for a number of reasons, yet many are personal in nature: To become leaders in the nursing industry, advancing their careers, or move to the next level and receive a master’s or doctoral degree.Management-level nursing requires an advanced degree such as a BSN. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics, in management, nurses can become anywhere from the assistant head nurse or head nurse, to assistant director, director, and vice president and upwards. Other career opportunities include research, consulting, and teaching. A nurse with a BSN can manage a home health care clinic and ambulatory services, etc. Nurses can also move into the business side of nursing to becoming an manager of an insurance company, pharmaceutical manufacturer, and managed care organization (U.S. Dept. of Labor, 2005).Salary Benefits of advancing a degree from RN to BSNAdvanced nursing degrees create new career opportunities and justify an increased salary. An RN and a BSN will receive the same salary for the same nursing position, but as the BSN moves through the ranks to a higher position, salaries tend to increase. For example, a promotion to a management position of head nurse with a BSN has a higher salary than being the floor nurse with an RN.Education Opportunities and Education CostIn 2004, there were 600 RN to BSN programs in the United States. Many RN’s use the tuition reimbursement from their employer as an incentive to go back for the BSN. There are also accelerated BSN programs for those individuals who already attained bachelor or higher degrees and wish to go into nursing. There are more than 165 of these programs in the United States. These programs are 12 to 18 months in length (U.S. Dept. of Labor, 2005). In choosing the appropriate program, it is necessary to choose whether to work in a classroom setting or study through an online RN to BSN program.The classroom setting has many benefits which include peer contact and live lectures. Sharing experiences with others and learning from other previous like-minded RN’s is a great benefit. The dilemma with classroom education for most nurses is the stringent scheduling and time management needed to attend class and work around an RN’s busy schedule.An online nursing degree course is the other alternative. It is a way for nurses to work while continuing with their education with flexibility around time commitments. The non-clinical portion of the classroom courses are given online and the clinicals are usually arranged at a medical facility near the nurse’s home. There may be timed lectures or the nurses may do lectures at their own time with assignments being sent to the lecturer by fax or mail on designated due dates. Examinations are usually offered online. Many times the online school follows a semester schedule and has a set start and finish date, though this is not true for all schools. To learn more about online RN to BSN programs, refer to your school of choice and learn what that school offers.ConclusionPersonal satisfaction, a qualitative factor that can not be measured or quantified, is what many BSN students say is most important about receiving their advanced degree. Our society is advancing in all areas, with technology and intellectual expertise. The information is available and the prerequisites allow many RN’s to attain an advanced degree; the determining factor is, we must advance as a society and create leaders in all areas of industry. A BSN gives the degree and knowledge and critical leadership skills for an RN to advance in the world of medicine, business, and personal achievement.

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Approved Personal Loans With Bad Credit: Some Options Are Almost Guaranteed

There are lenders that will publicize the fact that loan approvals can be guaranteed given the right circumstances, but there is a catch to the idea. Everything rests on those circumstances, so not just anyone can get the green light. It means that securing approval on personal loans with bad credit cannot be guaranteed.It is somewhat misleading to claim that guaranteed loan approval exists at all, but the reason why it is made is that, in certain circumstances, approval is pretty easy to secure. Even when low credit scores are a part of the equation, applicants can have a realistic chance of securing the funding they need.The secret? Well, it all comes down to your choice of loan application, which lending institution is applied to and the ability to accept the limits that a given financial situation places on a personal loan application. So, knowing what the available options are is important. Here are 3 of them.Loans With A CosignerThe key issue for any lender is not credit scores or even loan sums, but whether or not the borrower will be able to make the repayments. Remember, a loan is an investment for them, and they want a return on it. It is this principal that dictates whether an application for a personal loan with bad credit is a risk for the lender.The solution to this problem is a cosigner, otherwise known as a guarantor. When it comes to securing a modest loan, like $5,000, they are extremely useful. In fact, it is probably as close to securing guaranteed loan approval than a bad credit borrower is every likely to get.But there are conditions. The cosigner usually needs to be a homeowner, have an excellent credit rating and a large enough income to make monthly repayments. Their advantage, after all, is to make the repayments on the personal loan in the event that the borrower is no longer able to.Alternative Installment LoansNormally, we think of installment loans as those that require regular repayments (usually monthly) over a set period of time. But the financial strains the credit industry finds itself under has moved the goalposts a little. Now, it is a flexible solution to those seeking a personal loan with bad credit, with the loan sum paid in cash installments.This is a relatively new product, with loans of just $100 available in equal sums over a period of time – usually up to 12 months. The loan limit is usually at around $1,500, and having a source of income is essential – in fact, it is the key to securing a guaranteed loan approval.There is no need to find a guarantor, so the interest rate charged is going to be a little more, but the structure of this personal loan means the repayment term is more flexible. Once it is ascertained that the loan is affordable, then approval is practically guaranteed.Choosing a Payday LoanThis is a hugely popular option, but in terms of getting good terms on a personal loan with bad credit, it fails to impress. Bad credit borrowers frequently seek out the best bet when it comes to loans, but not always the best terms. Because a payday loan is granted on the back of an imminent paycheck, the chances of a successful application are greater.Guaranteed loan approval is not exactly given however, since usually the loan must be repaid in one payment after just 30 days. And with the interest rate very high (30%), it means a $1,500 personal loan needs $1,950 to be paid off. That is a lot to take from one paycheck, but if it is affordable, then the loan is granted.

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How to Buy a Home Without Bank Financing Using Subject To or Owner Financing Techniques

What is “Subject To”?Subject To refers to a form of financing where the purchaser buys a home “Subject To” all encumbrances (including but not limited to existing mortgages, back taxes, liens, etc.). Most commonly when you purchase a home utilizing the “Subject To” method, you can expect that the existing mortgage will be what you are taking over. So you would be purchasing the home “subject to” the terms of the existing mortgage, leaving it in place.This method is used largely in situations where the home seller is unable to sell their home using conventional means or they need to sell quickly. Because there is no need to obtain new financing, the process can be completed very quickly (in as little as 2-3 days). Obtaining a new mortgage is typically the most time consuming portion of the purchase process. You have to go through the entire approval process, qualifying for the mortgage, providing numerous documents, etc. With “subject to” financing none of this is necessary, in fact there is no need to utilize a new bank at all.Let me outline how this would work in the real world. You must first find a seller that is motivated to sell their home. Keep in mind there are many reasons a seller becomes “motivated”, not all of them are financial. A seller that needs to upsize or downsize can become motivated. Military sellers are prime candidates to become motivated, as often times they are given short notice to relocate. Sellers facing a divorce often become motivated because they just want “out”. Individuals who have received a job offer in another city or state will often become motivated. You get the idea. Be creative and you will soon be able to spot a motivated seller a mile away.After you have identified your motivated seller, you meet with them to explain what the benefits of working with you to sell their home is. You explain it in the most comprehensive format, which is calling it “Owner financing”. There is very little difference between “subject to” and owner financing”. I will explain this shortly. Everyone has some concept and understanding as to what “owner financing” is. This will help open the dialog and offer a level of explanation. Many times sellers are behind on their payments and you can explain by selling the home to you will improve their credit scores and avoid a foreclosure on their record by taking over their payments and paying on time. If they are not behind, then identify what it is that they are trying to accomplish, and explain how selling to you will help them accomplish this goal (fast sale, highest offer, no need to repair etc.).After they agree, you need to sign a contract stating that you are buying the home for a purchase price of at least the payoff amount (most times this is an adequate offer). Remember you are offering them a quick sale. The contract must state that you are buying the home “subject to the existing financing”, and that all parties understand that the mortgage will remain in the sellers’ name.This raises the next most common question I get asked, “If the mortgage is still in the sellers name, how am I the owner?”. I am glad you asked! Much like the title to your car, a deed shows ownership of a specific property. If you sell your car what do you do to transfer ownership? That’s right you sign over the title. Likewise, when a homeowner sells their home, they sign over the deed. The deed and the mortgage are two separate documents. The deed shows ownership, the mortgage indicates who owes the bank money. The bank wants something of value to ensure that they will get the money paid back that the borrower owes. That is why a bank puts a lien on the property (thus the term “subject to” the mortgage). Are you starting to get the idea here? Exciting huh? You can actually buy a home without getting a new loan, paying loan origination fees, or all of the other garbage fees necessary to close on a home with a new lender. So of course you are still subject to fulfill the obligations of the original loan agreement or the bank will have the right to foreclose on the property if payments are not made.I told you earlier there were minor differences between “subject to” and “owner financing, so let’s go over them now. First and foremost a true “owner finance” would not have an existing mortgage. The seller would own the property free and clear. So really it comes down to who you send the payments to. If the seller owns the property free and clear, you are safe to make payments to the seller. If you are buying “subject to” the existing mortgage, you do not ever want to make payments to the seller. You want to send them directly to the bank so that you know that the payment has been made. Why? Because if for some reason you send the payment to the seller and they decide not to make the payment to the bank, then you risk having the bank foreclose on the home through no fault of your own (except not listening to me!). Secondly with “subject to” the payments, interest rate, and terms are already set. With a true “owner finance”, this would all be negotiable (I recommend you start with 0% financing).Next, the closing attorney or escrow agent (title company in some areas), is responsible for carrying out the agreements in your contract. You want to work with a knowledgeable, investor friendly agent to perform these tasks. They will do a title search. This is imperative, as this will disclose any and all mortgages, liens, back taxes, etc. Remember you are taking this home “subject to” all of these things. The purchase agreement (contract) is written exactly like any other purchase agreement. You just need to add the important verbiage that directs the closing agent of your wished (see above).This is an exceptional way to buy a home without obtaining new financing. You do not have to be “qualified” to utilize this method of financing, because the loan has already been issued. All you do is set up automatic payments to go directly to the bank. Everyone is happy. The seller sold their home, you the buyer purchased a home without new financing, and the bank although they are unaware continue to receive their payments and interest (after all that is what they are in business to do). So now that you know an alternate method of purchasing your own personal home or investment properties, there is no need to participate in the so called “credit crunch” Happy buying!

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How Do I Connect My iPad 2 to a Network?

To get on the web, your iPad must first connect to a network that offers Internet access. To make this easy and seamless, your iPad comes with internal hardware that enables it to detect and connect to available networks.iPad 2 comes in two versions:- iPad with WI-FI: This type of iPad can connect only to wireless networks- iPad with WI-FI + 3G: This type of iPad can connect to wireless networks and cellular networks.Understanding Wi-Fi networks
Wireless devices such as Apple iPad 2 transmit data and communicate with other devices using radio frequency (RF) signals that are beamed from one device to another. Although these radio signals are similar to those used in commercial radio broadcasts, they operate on a different frequency. The most common wireless networking technology is Wi-Fi. There are four main types – 802.11a, 802.11b, 802.11g, and 802.11n (we will not explain these types in details, it is enough for you to know what types exist). Apple iPad 2 supports all types of wireless types which means it can take advantage of the fastest wireless networks out there, particularly those based on Apple’s AirPort Extreme wireless acces point.Understanding cellular networks
If your iPad is a second model, it means not only can your iPad connect to wireless networks and hot spots, but it also can make use of a cellular network if no wireless networks are in range. There are two specific types of cellular networks: 3G and EDGE (again, we will not explain in details). Unfortunately, although you can often ride the wireless train for free, there’s no such luck when it comes to cellular networks. Your iPad’s 3G chip won’t work unless you plug a micro-SIM into the iPad’s micro-SIM slot (located on the left edge of the device when you hold it in portrait mode).Connecting to a Wi-Fi Network
As soon as you try to access something on the Internet, your iPad scours the surrounding airwaves for wireless network signals. This dialog displays a list of the networks that are within range. For each network, you get three tidbits of data:
Network name. This is the name that the administrator has assigned to the network. If you are in a coffee shop or similar hot spot and you want to use that network, look for the name of the shop.
Password-protected. If network displays a lock icon, it means the network is protected by a password, and you need to know that password to make the connection.
Signal strength. This icon gives you a rough idea of how strong the wireless signals are. The stronger the signal (the more bars you see, the better the signal), the more likely you are to get a fast and reliable connection.
Making your first connection
Follow these steps to connect to a Wi-Fi network:
Tap the network you want to use. If the network is protected by a password, your iPad 2 prompts you to type the password.
Use the keyboard to type the password.
Tap Join. The iPad connects to the network and adds the wireless network signal strength icon to the status bar.
To connect to a commercial Wi-Fi operation – such as those you find in airports, hotels, and convention centers – you almost always have to make one more step. In most cases, the network prompts you for your name and credit card data so you can be charged for accessing the network.Connecting to known networks
If network is one that you use all the time – for example, your office network or home – the good news is your Apple iPad 2 remembers any network you connect to. As soon as a known network comes within range, your iPad makes the connection.Stopping the incessant Wi-Fi network prompts
The Select a Network dialog is a handy convenience if you are not sure whether a network is available. However, as you move around town, you may find that dialog popping up all over the place as new Wi-Fi networks come within range. If you don’t want to be bothered with constant tapping the Cancel button, there is a solution:
On the Home screen, tap Settings. The Settings screen appears.
Tap Wi-Fi. Apple iPad 2 opens the wireless network screen.
Tap the Ask to Join Network switch to the Off position. Your iPad no longer prompts you with nearby networks.
Now you no longer see the prompts, and you don’t know when you are able to connect to network right??? Here is the answer:
On the Home screen, tap Settings. Your iPad 2 displays the Settings screen.
Tap Wi-Fi. The Wireless Networks screen appears, and the Choose a Network list shows you the available networks.
Tap the network you want to use. If the network is protected by a password, your Apple iPad prompts you to type the password.
Use the keyboard to type the password.
Tap Join. The iPad connects to the network and adds the network signal strength icon to the status bar.
Connecting to a hidden Wi-Fi network
Some users disable network name broadcasting (you can’t see the name of the network in available network connections box) as a security precaution. The idea here is that if an unauthorized user can’t see the network, he or she can’t attempt to connect to it. You can still connect to a hidden network by entering the connection settings by hand. But you need to know the network name, the network’s security type, and the network’s password. Here are the steps how to connect to a hidden network:
On the Home screen, tap Settings to open the Settings screen.
Tap Wi-Fi. You see the Networks screen
Tap Other. Your iPad 2 displays the Other Network screen.
Use the Name text box to type the network name.
Tap Security to open the Security screen.
Tap the type of security used by the Wi-Fi network: WEP, WPA, WPA2, WPA Enterprise, WPA2 Enterprise, or None.
Tap Other Network to return to the Other Network screen. If you chose WEP, WPA, WPA2, WPA Enterprise, or WPA2 Enterprise, your iPad prompts you to type the password.
Use the keyboard to type the password.
Tap Join. The Apple iPad 2 connects to the network and adds the network signal strength icon to the status bar.
Turning off the Wi-Fi antenna to save power
If you know you won’t be using wireless for a while, you can save some battery juice for more important pursuits by turning off your iPad’s antenna. Here’s how:
On the Home Screen, tap Settings. The Settings screen appears.
Tap Wi-Fi. The Wireless Networks screen appears.
Tap the Wi-Fi switch to the Off position. Your iPad 2 disconnects from your current network and hides the Choose a Networks list.
When you are ready to resume your Wi-Fi duties, return to the Networks screen and tap the Wi-Fi switch to the On position.

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Culture and Entertainment in Costa Rica

Today, we bring you a step closer to the beautiful Costa Rican culture with our discussion of the diverse cultural activities you can partake in and the varied forms of entertainment you can enjoy year round. Costa Rica offers a wide range of cultural activities that rival those in the U.S. and Europe. You will find here some of the world’s finest museums, art galleries, and theaters.When you come to Costa Rica in the rainy season, it’s best to spend your afternoons visiting Costa Rica’s museums to avoid the afternoon rain showers. For $3, you can visit one of Costa Rica’s most famous museums, The Gold Museum (Museo del Oro) located in downtown San José under the Plaza de la Cultura Park. It is famous for being home to thousands of invaluable, unique pieces of pre-Colombian gold, which date from 500 B.C. to 1600 A.D. The lighting in the museum is excellent, and the description of each gold piece is clear and available in both Spanish and English.Another museum to visit is The Museum of Numismatics (Museo de Numismática), which houses more than 4,000 unique items including the early Costa Rican coins, bills, and financial documents, all displayed elegantly and beautifully.An excellent spot for cultural and family entertainment is The Children’s Museum (Museo de los Niños) located just north of downtown San José. You can take your family and children there to see the colorful exhibits at display.Other museums you should consider visiting are: Museum of Art and Contemporary Design (Museo de Arte y Diseño Contemporáneo) – located in Barrio Amón, San José, -, The National Museum (Museo Nacional) – located in San José, Barrio La California, -, Costa Rica Museum of Art (Museo de Arte Costarricense) – located in Sabana Este, San José, -, and The National Archives (Archivo Nacional) – located in Barrio Pinto, between Zapote and Curridabat.There are also snake museums that you can go to, one of which is The World of Snakes (Serpentario El Mundo de las Serpientes), an open-air snake exhibition that is located near the Red Metal Church in Grecia, where we live, and hosts snakes from all over the world. Serpentario Monteverde Costa Rica is another snake museum worth checking out that is located in Santa Elena, Monteverde, and offers guided tours all day long. A side note on the snake population is that they do not venture to El Cajon, because the elevation of our land is over 5,000 ft. and they are not known to thrive in the cool temperatures above 4,500 ft.Not a museum person? No problem! If you’re interested in ecology and bio-diversity, then you should visit Costa Rica’s Earth University and INBioparque, the latter of which is a theme park that offers interactive experiences with nature with daily trips and tours and is located in Santo Domingo de Heredia. Another spot worth checking out is Hacienda Barú National Wildlife Refuge, an 815-acre national wildlife preserve located on the Southern Pacific Coast near Dominical that is ideal for bird watching and eco-tours.And if you really are into bird watching, you can be sure that Costa Rica is the right place for you. Costa Rica is famous for its diverse environmental conditions and factors, a reason why Costa Rica is home to over 850 species of birds (more than those in the United States and Canada combined). Eco-tourists and bird-watching enthusiasts come to Costa Rica from all over the world to watch and study the diverse species of birds. Bird watching is definitely an excellent way to spend both your early mornings and late afternoons here.Selva Verde Lodge is a world-renowned bird sanctuary that is literally an eco-tourist dream with exotic bird watching, white water rafting, and very inexpensive tours of their property, which in itself is a botanical garden where you will likely see iguanas, sloths, and the list goes on and on. Their noon time buffet is also quite an over indulgence! We’ve been there 4 or more times and look forward to our next visit.You can also go to Zoo Ave, a stunning zoo and a wildlife rescue center for injured wildlife located in La Garita, 30 minutes from San José. It is home to more than 100 Costa Rican bird species (the largest bird collection in Central America) including toucans, cranes, curassows, and parrots and is one of only two zoos in the world to display the splendid quetzals. Besides its huge bird collection, Zoo Ave houses numerous crocodiles, deer, turtles, ostriches, tapirs, peccaries, pumas, and indigenous monkeys. The price of admission is $15 for adult tourists.If you enjoy fishing, then you should be in Costa Rica! Fishing tours and inland fishing trips are widely available and freshwater angling, fly fishing, eco-fishing, and whale watching are extremely popular here in Costa Rica. The prices of fishing trips vary widely with the highest prices paid in the tourist areas. If you go on fishing trips away from the tourist areas, you’ll save a lot of money.And here is another activity you can enjoy in Costa Rica: surfing. Surfers from all over the world come here to venture into the Costa Rican water. If you’re just a beginner interested in surfing, you can go to any of Costa Rica’s excellent surf camps and schools. And when you’re better equipped, you can surf in Playa Hermosa, arguably one of the most popular surfing locations in Costa Rica. Other surfing locations to consider are Playa Dominical, Playa Tamarindo, Playa Nosara, Salsa Brava, Pavones, Playa Jacó (the closest surfing location to Grecia and San José), and Malpais.You can also choose to go to the different types of spas available in Costa Rica. You can choose to go to a Report Spa if you want to enjoy a wide range of recreational activities, including golf, tennis, horseback riding, skiing, and dancing, in addition to a renewing spa experience. You can also choose to go to a Day Spa if you’re busy and want to enjoy a spa that is designed to provide a relaxing and pampering experience that takes from as little as an hour to a whole day.Up for some after-dark, nighttime entertainment? Dining out, dancing, and going to concerts, fairs, and movies are all available options. In the Central Valley, you will find excellent eateries serving some of the most delicious meals at very affordable prices. You can have Costa Rican food, Peruvian food, Italian food, French food, Chinese food, and Mexican food. Plus, you have a 100% chance of finding the large American restaurant chains here like T.G.I. Friday’s, Tony Roma’s, McDonald’s, etc. And a real live Hagen Daz for the sweet tooth is available in Escazu.Late-night dancing in Costa Rica is a very popular way to spend your nights, as Ticos love to dance. If you’re into dancing but don’t know how to dance, you can start taking dance lessons here in Costa Rica at very low prices. You can also go to concerts and watch world-class artists, live weekend bands, and Flamenco dancers from Spain perform. Going to fairs should also be on your top to-do list – the bullfights and street dances are a joy to behold.You can also choose to spend your night watching a movie at the theater, something we used to do almost every week until we found you can rent first-run movies the same time they are released in the States. Still, movie-goers can watch first-run movies in the state-of-the-art theater here in Grecia the same day they are released in the States for $3 only, and they are all in English with Spanish subtitles.Looking for a more sophisticated way to spend your evenings? The National Theatre (Teatro Nacional), located in the central section of San José, has a breathtaking symphony hall, where shows are scheduled throughout the year and world-famous artists and orchestras perform some of the most spectacular symphonies. Entering the theater and enjoying guided tours there are free, so just enjoy!The Theater Melico Salazar (Teatro Popular Melico Salazar), located in Central San José on Paseo Colon, is also an important center for culture in Costa Rica. A wide variety of shows and performances is scheduled throughout the year including live theatre, art, and music.

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